For Families

When you’re not available to be the helping hand for your loved one.


Dad has an outpatient surgery procedure next month and we live in another state:

Many outpatient surgery centers follow a strict protocol regarding transportation for their outpatient surgery patients.  Those protocols depend on how extensive the outpatient procedure is. It could be as simple as having a person who the patient knows and having someone stay for the duration of the procedure or some surgeries require the patient to have someone present at home to monitor the patient for 24 hours after the procedure.   Taxi rides in many cases are not allowed to drive a patient after an outpatient surgery.    Our companion driver can be that familiar person to provide transportation after surgery.  Our service includes making sure your loved one is safe and comfortable in their residence and that we have communicated with you regarding their condition.

My husband has a medical appointment coming up. He does not hear or see well. We are both in our late 80’s and do not drive anymore:

Our AppointMATE drivers will make sure they arrive promptly and that your husband is ready for his appointment and has all the necessary documents needed for his outing.  We will be his companion through his entire medical appointment.  Your AppointMATE will assist with any paperwork that might need to be filled out and will take any notes during the appointment that could be important for you and your family.  Any important documents that need to be given to a family member or nursing staff at a facility will be delivered as needed by hand, email or scanned.  Your AppointMATE will always make sure you are comfortable and safe throughout the entire outing.  If you do not need a companion during your appointment, we will be glad to return when the appointment is over.

My mother-in-law lives alone, she is becoming more forgetful.  The neighbor checks in on her during the week when I am working.  She has a doctor’s appointment next week and now my husband and I both have work conflicts on the day of his appointment:

Our AppointMATES provide assisted transportation and companionship during the entire outing.  If it is your first time with us we make sure all the necessary documents are filled out before leaving your residence.  We also make sure that you have all the necessary documents needed for your appointment.  We will take all the necessary notes throughout the appointment and make sure they are given to the appropriate people after the appointment is complete. Our AppointMATES are very attentive and observant and will report anything that may appear abnormal or out of order.

My brother is vision impaired.  He has therapy on Monday and Wednesday for the next month.  He needs an escort to get to the therapy center.  I can’t get off work to take him to all of his appointments:

An AppointMATE will be your brother’s eyes during the entire outing.  We make sure that your loved one is our top priority and that we provide a steady arm or hand to guide our clients safely to their destination.  We can stay during the therapy appointment if that is needed or can return when the appointment is over.  We can also assist with any errands on the way home.

I live in Raleigh and dad lives alone in Greensboro.  When he has appointments, I have to drive to Greensboro to take him.  This is very hard on me at times due to all of the other things I am juggling in my life:

Allow us to assist your dad to his appointments!  Our clients enjoy the friendly companionship along the way. We can be the familiar face to your dad.  Our AppointMATES will make sure notes are taken throughout the entire appointment and will leave a copy of the notes at the place of residence as well as keep a copy on file.  Any new or out of the ordinary observations will be reported and we will let you know that your dad is safely back at home.