My AppointMATE offers…

    1. ✓A round trip ride in your car or in one of our own vehicles, whichever you prefer.

    2. Door THRU door transportation to medical appointments, procedures or treatments for clients of all ages.

    3. ✓Companion and Transportation to any event, errand or shopping trip.

    4. ✓Company along the way.

    5. ✓A companion in the waiting room.

As Requested:

  1. ✓Assistance with check-in and check-out.

  2. ✓An extra set of “ears” during your medical appointment.

  3. ✓Help with making a future medical appointment.

  4. ✓A stop at the pharmacy to fill your prescriptions.

  5. ✓Feedback to your family or place of residence.


Please ask for any additional services we can provide! We are always happy to accommodate our clients!


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